Elementary Linear Algebra, Applications Edition (8th Edition)

Anton-Rorres Wiley book site (bob purchased a copy with the student solution manual)

This book has a terrific chapter 11 of imaginative and interesting applications of linear algebra that might inspire a project for this course.

  1. Constructing Curves and Surfaces Through Specified Points.
  2. Electrical Networks.
  3. Geometric Linear Programming.
  4. The Assignment Problem.
  5. Cubic Spline Interpolation.
  6. Markov Chains.
  7. Graph Theory.
  8. Games of Strategy.
  9. Leontief Economic Models.
  10. Forest Management.
  11. Computer Graphics.
  12. Equilibrium Temperature Distributions.
  13. Computed Tomography.
  14. Fractals.
  15. Chaos.
  16. Cryptography.
  17. Genetics.
  18. Age-Specific Population Growth.
  19. Harvesting of Animal Populations.
  20. A Least Squares Model for Human Hearing.
  21. Warps and Morphs.