Fermi and the 4/3 problem with the classical electron model: ignored too long

5 Abraham-Lorentz derivations, 1 Fermi correction

There are 3 complete books on classical charged particles:

There is a recently updated bible of Electrodynamics:

The only person who clearly understood Fermi's claimed result and reproduced his work and related it to Kwal-Rohrlich
was Aharoni, not listed in the lengthy bibliographies of Spohn and Yaghjian, while slighted by Rohrlich as an orphaned listing in his author index.

Much later in 1997 Kolbenstvedt rederived Fermi's result in a slightly different way, acknowledging Fermi's work,
but this was also ignored by Spohn, Yaghjian, Rohrlich and Jackson.

Our articles explaining the calculations and historical setting of the Fermi work:


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