Bob and his high school physics teacher Mr. Andy Kujawski defying gravity while exchanging a handshake over some physics award at graduation from Goshen High School in New York State, June 1970:

kujawski_bob70.jpg (143577 bytes)

Note the pre-ponytail stage of bob's hair. The ponytail stage was reached as a freshman at Princeton and lasted about 7 years until the spring of 1978, when enough courage was found to change look (and finally get rid of those geek glasses!) before departing from the protective environment of graduate school at UC Berkeley:

bob78.jpg (148891 bytes)

Some kind of conservation of hair principle led to the appearance of a beard at the same time the Big Haircut Event occurred. Retained so far for 32 years. It took another decade nearly for bob to switch to contact lenses.

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