John Archibald Wheeler

July 9, 1911 April 13, 2008

"Johnny" was a true gentleman, one of the last great physicists of the 20th century who had an enormous influence on so many physicists directly through his legendary teaching skills both at Princeton and later for a time in Austin and indirectly through his research and his book "MTW" (Gravitation) with Charles Misner and Kip Thorne. He was my sophomore modern physics teacher, and his then young collaborator Remo Ruffini on the black hole work became my own Physics godfather in Italy. I was one of the fortunate few to attend his memorial service at Princeton May 12, 2008 and the reception at the Nassau Club afterwards where I heard so many heartwarming testimonials about him from many different angles.
    —Robert T. Jantzen, May 2008

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