Special Relativity Notes

by bob jantzen  [January 1983?]

University of Rome "La Sapienza", Dipartimento di Fisica, Corso di Fisica Teorico (Ruffini)


A short guest course on special relativity, with a brief introduction and working some problems from the first edition of Taylor and Wheeler, but the second edition has been totally reorganized into essentially a completely new book and some problems dropped:

Some problems have familiar names. We give the exercise numbers from the first edition and when retained, in the second edition.

Topic 1st Edition 2nd Edition page
Introduction --- --- 1
Einstein's train paradox 23 6-8? 4
Pole and barn paradox 25 5-4 5
Transformation of velocities 20, 21 L-7,8 6
Tilted meter stick 52 L-10 7
Lorentz contraction II 13 L-14 8
Time dilation 13   8
Clock paradox 27 L-13 8
Space war 26 3-7 9
Thin man and the grid (2: skateboard and grid) 54 L-12 10