[Introduction to]
Cosmological Models: A Short Course

by bob jantzen  [January, March 1985]

University of Rome "La Sapienza", Dipartimento di Fisica, Corso di Fisica Teorico (Ruffini)

This is a second step on the path to parts I and II of  Introduction to Cosmological Models notes, but the arts of this rough version were polished for inclusion in the later bundled notes.

Entitled "Minicourse on Cosmological Spacetimes Based on Special Relativity", it introduces simple cosmological spacetime metrics, and then the mathematical description of such spacetimes with high symmetry. Curvature calculationis are performed for constant curvature spaces and spacetimes, then the Einstein equations and perfect fluid equations. This session brought Milvia Capalbi and Ersilia Vaudo into my circle of friends.