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differential geometry, cosmology and relativity notes

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Over the years I wrote up (printing neatly by hand) a lot of notes of my self-study or (post)-lecture notes on differential geometry, relativity and gravitation, cosmology, gauge fields, etc. After 3 decades it occurred to me that maybe someone else might find something useful in them, which would not occur while they were sitting in a file cabinet. So in May-June 2006 I scanned many of them and put them on-line.

Geometry of metric connections and GR, differential forms,
variational approach to Einstein's equations

Bundles, Kaluza-Klein and gauge fields (UC Berkeley mid 1970s, Chapel Hill 1979)

Rome theoretical physics lecture notes: GR and Cosmology

These notes were written for the students in the course of theoretical physics of Remo Ruffini at the Department of Physics of the University of Rome "la Sapienza" during my many visits (lectures given in January, a week in March and May-June, irregularly) in the 1980s and 1990s, including a series of notes for the PhD course (in which Juergen Renn was a student) that were incorporated into ICM below. Most of the notes discuss cosmological models from a mathematical point of view, and some various aspects of perturbations and related topics, including some basic tools of general relativity, starting out with a little special relativity in the beginning.

Villanova University Differential Geometry Course/Independent Study Notes

Villanova University Differential Equations with Linear Algebra Notes

These don't fit into the topics of the rest of this page, but lie in the foundation so...