Villanova community websites
 (Faculty, Staff, Students)

Every member of the community automatically has a default webspace setup for them. VDeskTop allows you to use either a PC or MAC to access your webspace. [Local web editing software is preferred, see below.]

If you get serious you can do a free download of "Microsoft Expression Web" and install it locally so it will remember your website and login information each time you use it.

Mac Users can use another local web editor: DreamWeaver requires a license and can be downloaded through UNIT, once you request access to the Adobe Creative Cloud here. [instructions]  Here is an Adobe website that has a fairly thorough tutorial for using Dream Weaver for beginners:

 UNIT advises against using local software to avoid further responsibility for help, but if you use this on a daily basis you want a local installation which automatically remembers your site and (even) login information.

Here is some VU info:


LaTeX is an open source free typesetting software used for all academic publications in mathematics and physics and many other disciplines. It is a typesetting system as opposed to a word processor like Word.

Serious math students learn this software. Math and Computing Sciences Faculty have access to a limited site license through Najib Nadi in Computing Sciences.

Online LaTeX is easy to use. See this site.