MG14 International Coordinating Committee (ICC)

University of Rome"la Sapienza", Rome, Italy July 12-18, 2015
celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Einstein Equations

Sunday July 12 through Saturday July 18

Tentative schedule based on previous meetings:
 Preregistration Sunday afternoon,
 Opening Monday morning,
 Monday through Saturday morning plenary sessions (Aula Magna),
 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday afternoon parallel sessions (Fisica Veccia&Nuova, Chimica, Matematica),
     Wednesday afternoon free, Wednesday evening banquet

 [preliminary list of sponsors]

 google map for University
[Aula Magna behind Piazza della Minerva,
 parallel sessions in Fisica Vecchia Marconi (left) and Fisica Nuovo Fermi (right), perhaps Matematic (right) perhaps Chimica (right)]

current MG14 ICC list

what is this committee?  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< this is the important text

[bob jantzen is its chair:,
 but email to is autoforwarded to Ruffini, Jantzen, Bianchi, mg14 segretariat]

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