MG11 International Coordinating Committee (ICC)

Free University of Berlin July 23-29 2006 [change of venue from St Petersburg July 2-8 2006]

current MG11 ICC list

what is this committee? [bob jantzen is its chair:]

[St Petersburg invitation form letter] [Berlin invitation form letter]

mass emails:

  1. April 2005
  2. August 2005
  3. October 2005
  4. November 2005 Change of Venue Announcement
     [Berlin First Circular: December GRNewsletter][chairperson/ICC version]
  5. February 2006 GR Newsletter: Berlin Second Circular
    NSF chairperson advisory [US participant travel award application]
  6. April 2006 GR Newsletter: Berlin Third Circular/Announcement?

Disclaimer: I am not in control of the ICC email distribution list so I am not sure who was missed in the earlier of these mailings.
I was trying to get in control of this list but then became overwhelmed by the changes brought on by the change in venue and the evolution of the program.

With today's vicious spam and spam blocker environment coupled with universally high email volume into our inboxes together with periodic email address changes as institutions evolve, it is really difficult to re-establish contact with former members of this committee and to invite new members, even once their email is finally known to be correct! One of the consequences of data smog.

If I could have one wish, it would be that everyone would properly use their email subject headings to give some approximate indication of the contents of the message, so that when I try to find it again in my thousands of archived emails, I have some hope of succeeding. In particular "MG11" should appear somewhere in the header at a very minimum if it relates to this conference, but more specific description is very helpful!

other MG bureaucracy: