Enrico Fermi's first 4 articles on electromagnetism and relativity
 translated into English [plus related article 10]

Articles 1, 2, 3, 4c, 10 from The Collected Papers of Enrico Fermi.
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Some of these documents still require some cosmetic editing which will never be done.

These and much more to appear in:

Einstein, Heisenberg, Fermi and Relativistic Astrophysics
R. Ruffini
World Scientific, Singapore, 2015->2021?
[this project started in 2002 as "Fermi and Astrophysics," so the end date is very uncertain]

Commentary on article 3 on Fermi coordinates and Fermi-Walker transport:

D. Bini and R.T. Jantzen
Proceedings of the Ninth ICRA Network Workshop on Fermi and Astrophysics, edited by V. Gurzadyan and R. Ruffini, World Scientific, Singapore, 2003:
Nuovo Cim. B 117B 983-1008 (2002) [http://arXiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0202085] [pdf]

 The historical origins of Fermi-Walker transport and Fermi coordinates and the construction of Fermi-Walker transported frames in black hole spacetimes are reviewed. For geodesics this reduces to parallel transport and these frames can be explicitly constructed using Killing-Yano tensors as shown by Marck. For accelerated or geodesic circular orbits in such spacetimes, both parallel and Fermi-Walker transported frames can be given, and allow one to study circular holonomy and related clock and spin transport effects. In particular the total angle of rotation that a spin vector undergoes around a closed loop can be expressed in a factored form, where each factor is due to a different relativistic effect, in contrast with the usual sum of terms decomposition. Finally the Thomas precession frequency is shown to be a special case of the simple relationship between the parallel transport and Fermi-Walker transport frequencies for stationary circular orbits.