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 updated July 27, 2005]
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Filenames follow the Collected Papers of Fermi numbering system which should be mentioned in the preface. The accompanying explanations of the papers from those collected works should also be included since they provide important context information.

Figure files are named <filename>fig_X.eps unless only one figure <filename>fig.eps is present.

Asterisks * mark files that have been edited by bob. These are the files bob has received:

All these and the figure files are in this zip file fermifiles.zip [now 2MEG].
The latex class ws-procs975x65.cls has been used with a modified \address for the untranslated title and publication information.
Each article is marked by its Collected Papers Enumeration. This should be maintained in the publication.
The list of translators should also be included in the preface:
Emanuele Alesci, Donato Bini, Dino Boccaletti, Andrea Geralico, Robert T. Jantzen, Simone Mercuri

The original commentary accompanying each of these articles in the Collected Papers of Fermi should also be reproduced to give the papers context. Most of these are in the incomplete file:

In 2011 Giovanni Gallavotti independently translated (80a) and (43):

Local PDF and DJVU versions of Fermi's Collected Works are also online there, as well as at the official site:


Original assignments from vahe:

1,2                                        Geralico

3                                          Bini

4c,5                                       Alesci

6, 240a, Terza conf. (p.707, II vol.)      Boccaletti -> 80a

7, 38b                                     Sigismondi

43,80a                                     Mercuri

Looks like there was some reshuffling of assignments.

Original Disclaimer:
This was a huge undertaking.
It is very hard for me as a nonprofessional to try to fix the amateur translation attempts of the others referring directly to the Italian originals. My knowledge of Italian is simply not up to professional translation standards. I guess it will have to be good enough.

All latex files should start in the following way that fermi1.tex starts with the exception that the macro \ferminote for NOTE section headers is only needed in a few articles:

% fermi1.tex




\def\fermisection#1{\bigskip \S\,\,#1.\,--\,}
\begin{center}{\bf\large Note #1.}\\[\bigskipamount]


\uppercase{On the dynamics of a rigid system of}\\
\uppercase{of electric charges on translational motion}

``Sulla dinamica di un sistema rigido di cariche\\
elettriche in moto traslatorio,''\\
\textit{Nuovo Cimento} \textbf{22}, 199--207 (1921).

blah blah blah...

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2005-may-26 table of contents from vahe:


From Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Problem ...
by A E Allahverdyan, V G Gurzadyan

Comments on Fermi's Original Papers ...
by S Ames

Circular Holonomy, Clock Effects and ...
by D Bini et al.

From Magnetohydrodynamics ...
by D Boccaletti

The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Problem
by A Carati et al.

Numerical Simulation of Large-Scale ...

by V M Chechetkin et al.

Enrico Fermi's Excursions through the Fields of Classical Physics:
Watching the Landscapes of Phase Space and the Nature of Dynamical Paths,
Looking for Ergodicity
by P Cipriani

The Latest View of the Early Universe
by P de Bernardis and S Masi

Neutrinos and Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
by A D Dolgov

On the Evolution of N-body systems: Substructure of a Distant Galaxy Cluster
by V G Gurzadyan and A Mazure

A General Theory of Self Gravitating Systems and the Virial Theorem
by S Filippi

Nonthermal Radiation of Kerr Black Holes
by I B Khriplovich

Particle Acceleration at Astrophysical Shock Fronts: From Supernova
Remnants to Gamma-Ray Bursts
by J G Kirk

Weak Interaction Processes and Core Collapse Supernova
by K Langanke and G Martinez-Pinedo

From Neutron Stars to Extremal Black Holes...
by K Rosquist

The Fermi-Pasta-Tsingou Numerical ...
by S Ruffo

Nodal and Periastron Precession of ...
by N Sibgatullin

Enrico Fermi ...
by C Sigismondi et al.

Enrico Fermi and X-Ray ...
by C Sigismondi et al.

First Results from SNO
by J J Simpson

Neutrino Mass Spectrum and Neutrino Astrophysics
by A Yu Smirnov

Close Neutron Star Binaries
by J R Wilson et al.

Electronmagnetic Black Holes and Gamma-Ray-Bursts
by S S Xue

From the FPU-Problem (LA-1940 Report) to Chaos
by G M Zaslavsky


A1. Sulla dinamica ... Nuovo Cimento,22 (1921)199-207
 Sull'elettrostatica di ... Nuovo Cimento 22 (1921) 176-188
 Sopra I Fenomeni Che Avvengono ... (Rend. Lincei, 31 (1922) 17-24
 Correzione di una ... Nuovo Cimento 25, 159, 1923
 Le masse nella ...  Milano, 1923.   
A2. Una Teorema di calcolo ... Tesi, 1922.
A3. Formazione di immagine..., Nuovo Cimento, 25, 63, 1923.
A4. Un Metodo Statistico per la ... (Rend. Lincei, 6 (1927) 277-290
A5. Tentativo di Una ... (Nuovo Cimento II (1934) 559-574
A6. On the Origin of the Cosmic Radiation (Physics Rev. 75 (1949)
A7. Terza Conferenza 
A8. High Energy Nuclear Events, Progr.Theor.Phys. 5, 570 (1950).
A9. Galactic Magentic Fields and ... (Astrophys. J. 119 (1954)
A10. Studies of Nonlinear Problems, 1955.
A11. 194-197 of Origin and Abundance of the Elements by R A Alpher and
    R C Herman
A12. Magnetic Fields ... (Astrophys. J. 118 (1953)