Fermi and Astrophysics book materials 2020
(split into 2 separate books)

1) Einstein, Fermi, Heisenberg and the Birth of Relativistic Astrophysics,
by Remo Ruffini, World Scientific, Singapore, 2021??.

2) Fermi and Astrophysics (click here for this book): Selected Papers with Commentaries and Translations
edited by Remo Ruffini, World Scientific, Singapore, 2022??.

CURRENT [still to put Federigo Enriques last name in one figure??]
[With new edited list of appendices, full book with preface
  this version: February 6, 2017: 117MB PDF: fermi_book_2020.pdf ]
This is no longer productive. The alternative is:

November 29, 2017: Uploaded to Overleaf.com by Yu Wang (thanks!): https://www.overleaf.com/12511427pskbyyxbqkvx#/47658431/
[https://v2.overleaf.com/project]   Preface [preface2018.tex] added December 2020 by bob

Note the Collected Works referred to in these books have moved to: http://operedigitali.lincei.it/Fermi/index.php
and needs to be updated in the books.

Latex to PDF since PDF figures and scanned articles are included.
This is the complete book except for the graphics files perhaps, which just got too many and too big.

SPLIT TEXT FILES that have changed:  
book 1) fermi_book_2017-09-04.zip,  [126MB] <<<< Remo's personal story,
             texfiles, pdf graphics everything you need to locally latex the  book

book 2)  fermi_book_B1508.zip  both uploaded August 2016. [README.TXT] <<< Fermi articles split off from original project

book 2) beginning without reprints: fermi_book_B16-thruchap1.pdf August 2016


before split:

And the article, R.T. Jantzen and R. Ruffini, Fermi and Electromagnetic Mass, Gen. Rel. Grav. 44, 2063-2076 (2012).