Date: 27-nov-2019 Files by: bob jantzen, klaus volpert


Maple archives: Miscellaneous MAPLE files
[abandoned 2014 from VU Math website]

Many of the files in this subdirectory are MAPLE Release 4 and Release 5 .mws worksheets, some have been updated to more recent .mw files. All the worksheets are listed in this file, although the actual filenames are all lowercase. All .mws files need updating. Some of these are not so interesting, and others are extremely interesting: a mixed bag of toys. Eventually maybe I will clean up some of the less useful files. [nope.]

[Here is a short History of Curvature by Dan Margolit written when he was an undergraduate.]

LambertW function in pharmaceutical problem

Miscellaneous stuff (filenames are actually all lower case):

The nonlinear curve fitting files below were described in  The Maple Reporter Summer 1998 Edition (pp.6-7 article: Fit for Anything in this PDF file, now lost). It took a decade for Maple to finally address this problem with a new Statistics Fit command. See below.

Logistic and nonlinear curve fitting
[maple 6? recall the change maple5: " to maple6: % for the ditto operator;
require updating to maple13]