Maple plot drawing tools [elegant Text formulas etc on plots]

Maple makes great plots to illustrate mathematics, but to make them really useful, one needs to annotate them with symbols and formulas and better axis labels at slightly larger size for publishable plots or for export to a web page graphic. Maple has plot drawing tools to do this, in fact one can use them on a blank plot to produce beautiful formulas exported as graphics files for web pages or inclusion into presentation slides.

Maple has a very useful help page online:

The Text drawing tool is the most useful for adding annotations and better labels to a plot. Click on a plot to make it active (you see its resize box). then click on the Drawing button on the plot context toolbar to make the Drawing toolbar line appear, then click on the Text "T" icon on that toolbar line, then click on your plot and a solid line outlined box will appear ready for you to include text on your plot, and the text editing toolbar lines appear, BUT typically this should be in Math mode so click on the Math button and increase the size from the default of 12 to 14 pt (12 is just too small) and you can begin inputting math mode material typing and using the palettes. If you then click outside the box and then reclick on the text area again, the text box resize outline box appears. You can drag on the corners or edges to resize, which is necessary if your formula doesn't fit in the initial box. You can also drag the box around with the mouse to reposition it.

Maple's axis labels are not so great if only because they are too small and often positioned badly with respect to the tickmarks. You can turn them off in a 2d plot with the option "labels=["",""] putting empty strings (the label strings go inside the double quotes, so by having nothing in between, no labels). You can then insert your own labels at your choice of size and position.

The arrows are also useful. Play with the line icon button instead of the text button.

The one drawback is that in exporting to EPS, some of the textboxes and other drawing annotations shift position. EPS files are required for easy inclusion in LaTeX documents.

Here are some examples of export to JPG or GIF, which include animated plots, for inclusion on web pages.

Even for generating nice equations for power point presentations or web pages, one can make a blank 2d plot
> plot(10,-1..1,-1..1,axes=none)
and then use the text drawing tool to put equations etc on the empty plot, then export to GIF or JPG. If you don't fill up the entire plot region, you can crop the GIF or JPG output file in Paint.