Maple at Villanova University

Villanova has an unlimited site license from Maplesoft for the computer algebra system Maple which allows single user copy installations for any Villanova faculty, staff and students. Maple is a computer algebra system math software in use in some of our science and engineering mathematics service courses.

Downloading Maple 2021 (single user license)

Login to the UNIT Software Portal with your standard VU username and password [click here]

To download Maple 2021 for Wiindows or MAC (for stand-alone installation), first login to the Villanova software portal with your standard VU username and password, then click on the "Software install activation keys" and copy the Activation Code "Key" for Maple Then choose choose Student PC Software or Student Mac Software or Faculty&Staff Software, then Maple 2021. Activate Maple at the end of the installation by pasting in the activation code.

If you really have trouble with the download or installation, email bob jantzen.

Maple is also available on VDeskTop, but since the software runs on a remote server, your local file, folder and printer operations no longer apply. To print a Maple worksheet you can export it to PDF, save locally on your computer, and then print from your computer. This option should be considered an emergency access to Maple. There are too many advantages to having the software reside locally on your computer.