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Lillian Rosanoff, About 1903 [MP] Hugh Gray Lieber, About 1938 [MP]

Lillian R Lieber Hugh Gray Lieber

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Written by Lillian Rosanoff Lieber
Illustrated by Hugh Gray Lieber

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1931 Non-Euclidean Geometry Academy Press.

1932 Galois and the Theory of Groups Science Press Printing Company, Lancaster, Pa.

1936 The Einstein Theory of Relativity Science Press Printing Co., Lancaster, PA.

1940 Non-Euclidean Geometry: Three Moons in Mathesis Science Press Printing Co., Lancaster, PA.

1942 The Education of T. C. Mits The Galois Institute Press, Long island University.

1944 The Education of T. C. Mits W. W. Norton & Co., NY, (Rev & Enlarged edition)

1945 The Einstein theory of relativity Farrar & Rinehart, NY. Notes: "Part I pub in 1936. Part II is now (1945) pub for the first time."

1946 Modern Mathematics for T. C. Mits, The Celebrated Man in the Street G. Allen & Unwin Ltd, London, 1st London ed.

1946 Take a Number: Mathematics for the Two Billion The Jacques Cattell press, Lancaster, PA.

1947 Mits, Wits and Logic (1st Edition) W.W. Norton, NY.

1949 The Einstein Theory of Relativity D. Dobson, London.

1953 Infinity Rinehart, NY.

1954 Mits, Wits, and Logic (Rev Ed) Galois Institute Press, Brooklyn.

1959 Lattice Theory; the Atomic Age in Mathematics Galois Institute of Mathematics and Art, Brooklyn, NY.

1960 Mits, Wits, and Logic (3d Ed) Norton, NY.

1961 Human values and science, art and mathematics (1st ed) Norton, NY. [review]

1963 Mathematics: First S-t-e-p-s. F. Watts, NY.

Edited By Lillian Lieber

Galois lectures, Galois Institute of Mathematics at Long Island University.
"Lattice theory," by Garrett Birkhoff.
"Fermat's last theorem," by Alonzo Church.
"Some aspects of differential geometry," by A. Fialkow.
"Photoelegraphy," by Arthur Korn.
"Infinite determinants, Infinite matrices" by W. Benjamin Fite.
"A Practical Simplification
of the Method of Least Squares, by M.A. Rosanoff.
'Dimension theory," by Leo Zippin

1959 Galois Lectures, Galois Institute of Mathematics, 1934-1959

Volume One
Set theory, parts I and II, A. Church
Fermat's last theorem, A. Church
Euclidean parallel postulate, A. Church
A finite geometry, A. Church.

Volume Two
On Minkowski's and Hilbert's geometrics, H. Busemann
On plane convex figures, H. Busemann
Lattice theory, Garrett Birkhoff
Factorization in integral domains, S. Borofsky.

Volume Three
Some aspects of differential geometry, A. Fialkow
Infinite matrices, W. Benjamin Fite
Existence theorems, W. Benjamin Fite
The postulates of algebra and non-Archimedean number systems, Lawrence M. Graves.

Volume Four
Algebraic geometry, S. Lefschetz
Modern mathematics for scientists and engineers: Boolean algebra, Lillian R. Lieber
Geometrical transformations, Edward Kasner
The mathscope, Edward Kasner
Panthetics, C.J. Kayser
Pythagoras, C.J. Kayser
Role of mathematics in the tragedy of our modern culture, C.J. Kayser.

Volume Five
Knots, James Singer
Topological concept of space, A.W. Tucker
Introduction to modern geometry, J.L. Vanderslice
Probability and statistics, Samuel S. Wilks
Statistical aspects of experiments in telepathy, Samuel S. Wilks
Dimension theory, Leo Zippin.

By Hugh Gray Lieber

1957 A bouquet of Qwordoodles for Elarel, Galois Institute of Mathematics and Art.

1949, 1951 Good-bye Mr Man. Hello, Mr NEWman, introduction by Lillian R Lieber, Long Island University Press, Brooklyn (13 pages)

Books Illustrated By Hugh Gray Lieber

1930 The Maelstrom (poems) by Earle Liederman