why this Lieber site?

The Lieber Inquiry and Bibliography Page was created in March 2003 by "E", a mysterious fellow UC Berkeley grad who contacted bob in October 1999 after finding via a web search bob's brief mention of the Lieber book on Relativity on his own extended home page. "E" was doing a study of the Rosanoff family of which Lillian was a daughter, but was obsessed by remaining anonymous to the outside world and eventually both his UC Berkeley alumnus email and his private internet email address evaporated and bob lost contact with him. However, being a resourceful fellow, bob assembled the various clues and some additional information only available to fellow UC Berkeley alumni through their website and paid ten bucks to an on-line people finder and successfully scored "E"'s home address. A diplomatic handwritten letter sent to that address went unanswered, so the mystery of "E" and why he disappeared will have to remain a mystery for now.

In any case we thank him for getting us to post this site which has yielded a steady stream of Lieber fan mail from random web searching from others like ourselves who felt some connection with the Lieber work earlier in our lives.

We were eventually in contact with a grand nephew and a grand niece, but neither knew very much about her.