dr bob

(with lenses)

dr bob

(with lennie)



dr bob on a roof in NY State (summer 2000)

bobroof.jpg (189294 bytes)

dr bob learned the trade from his dad

bobdad50.jpg (53007 bytes)

log splitting was not part of the game however

nowadays bob's working class days are mostly history and he's been reduced to an academic with occasional bad hair

and the hair is gradually disappearing...

so here is the professional academic photo while there is still a bit left in the right places

bob's owes a great deal of his success in life to his mom Maureen
mom dad 1982 their sacrifices shaped my life
obit [obit-legacy.com]

Jantzen family collage [mom eulogy]

dr bob astronomer NOT!
[telescope on the roof of the Papal Palace in Castel Gandolfo]