rom coms we loved , and a few other recommended films, including some romantic drama
[for Valentine's Day 2018]

Witty/smart dialog or offbeat romcom movies we liked/loved, plus a few others, some just romance, okay, maybe Ani has forgotten some of these, but bob has not. A "♥" marks some must-see movie or a quirky movie that might be overlooked.

happy ending? heart in a box?


All the movie links are to IMDB [wiki] which seems to have been bought out by Amazon. Many of these can be seen on Netflix, or free or for 3.99 on Amazon Prime Video, or on Youtube for free or 2.99. And before you jump in, you might consider a timely (VD2018) feminist take on romcoms.

And some favorite internet "TV" romcom/romdrama series on Netflix and Amazon:

And then there is the Hallmark channel... but let's not go there
[A Very, Very, Valentine (2018) as I type, another love triangle, standard plot, 4 days to go... we have to admit to having already watched well over a dozen of these this winter]

And if that were not enough, we have been addicted to so many serious and lighthearted romantic TV series on RAI International delivered to us by Verizon FIOS [or online viewing of their enormous archive of movies and shows using a VPN like ExpressVPN, but you need to understand Italian, no subtitles!]

Facebook movie review posts:  dr bob's new unoccupation begun in 2017

romance begins at home...

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Just think of all the "useful" stuff I could have done instead of viewing all this diversionary stuff...but the simple pleasures are an important part of life too, no?

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