Italian actors we've seen (and liked)
on RAI International and in cinema viewing

We have been watching RAI international a few evenings a week for at least a decade. We have come to know and love so many of the small community of Italian actors. Not having subtitles is a drag, since our Italian falls short on many details of dialog, although we tend to follow the gist.

Most of the RAI program content is available to stream free on RAIPlay in Italy or if you trust some VPN provider to mask your location on the internet. We have used ExpressVPN.

For movie info see imdb or

Some of our favorites:


RAI movies



miniseries we have seen:>


 >  l'ottavo re di roma Raffaella Rea, Laura Roman (don Matteo) Lino Guanciale, Serena Rossi, Alessandro Gassman 1,2,3
Matilda De Angelis, Benedetta Porcaroli, Licia Maglietta (redhead, older), Giorgio Colangeli: GIUSY BUSCEMI, ALICE TORRIANI wiki  Gabriella Pession, Lino Guanciale wiki Giusy Buscemi, Alessandra Mastronardi, Diana Del Bufalo wiki Giampaolo Morelli
  also in film: Ammore e Malavita (2017) with Serena Rossi [same directors: Manetti Bros] imdb actress from La Donna Velata: Miriam Leone Giuseppe Battiston


miscellaneous websites: first month free 7.99/mo after subtitled series


Streaming on Amazon…

Streaming on Amazon…