Remo Ruffini at 80:
My Fifty Years Orbiting Remo's World Line? [1972-2022]

bob jantzen  May 17, 2022 [and Happy DayAfter Birthday Roy! !!]
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GR: mathematical foundations?

bob reviews his hard to characterize junior partnership with a unique personality in the evolution of relativistic astrophysics,
which began EXACTLY 50 years ago! [I am 10 years minus 1 month behind]
[20 years ago I covered our first 30 years at RJR 60 [group photo] [Wimmer BH painting]
Caught in the Relativity Web: My 30 Years Near Remo's World Line]

bob is the unofficial (people) historian of G9/ICRA/ICRANet
and fills out Demetri's half hour slot liberated due to his post-COVID complications. 1995 demetri remo at Princeton

Remo has had a talent for attracting very interesting people to his evolving relativistic astrophysics circle, and I have been able to meet many of them over the years.

The time line:

YouTube talk recording (two hour mark 17 May program)

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