Some of the student helpers for MG4.
Back row: Massimo Bianchi , Paolo Carini,
Third row: Alberto Salama, Valeria Lo Schiavo, Marco De Petris, Roberto Onofrio
Second row (look at the feet): Dario Grasso, ??, Gregorio D'Agostino, Basilio Esposito, Gerda Wolzak
First row: Edmondo Giovannozzi, Attilio Morelli, Ersilia Vaudo, Remo Ruffini,

Can anyone match the missing names to the above faces from the preface to the MG4 Meeting?:
"I would like to thank... the students in the Physics Department at the University of Rome who helped generously during the entire meeting: Lorella Angelini <not present>, Massimo Bianchi, Paolo Carini, Gregorio D'Agostino, Marco de Pretis, Corrado di Natale, Basilio Esposito, Adriano Fontana, Fabrizio Forzano, Edmondo Giovannozzi, Dario Grasso, Valeria Lo Schiavo, Maria Marsella, Alessandro Massarotti, Roberto Onofrio, Alberto Ranucci, Giada Rauti and Ersilia Vaudo."

If so, send an email to:

Roberto Onofrio worked with the Amaldi/Pizzella gravity wave group G23. Gregorio D'Agostino did a theoretical physics laurea. Marco De Petris, Basilio Esposito, Edmondo Giovannozzi and Ersilia Vaudo worked in the Melchiorri experimental cosmology group G31. Dario Grasso, Lorella Angelini, Massimo Bianchi and Paolo Carini worked in the G9 group. Gerda Wolzak was a North Holland Publishing Company representative (they were publishing the MG Meeting Proceedings in those days).

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