ani and bob facebook food posts (politics free zone)

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Albums of MANY bob and ani produced food porn shots can be found by searching for the string "album" indicated by a bold red square bracketed link: [album].

These posts are in reverse chronological order, which means the latest posts are on the top.

It seems like our Facebook newsfeed is passing by so fast with so many posts that we miss quite a bit of it. We are not always glued to Facebook, which is unhealthy anyway. So here is a collection of our food posts all in one place, without bob's excessive political posts. The food posts exploded in 2016, maybe because bob entered the smart phone era finally with a food setting camera. [Some recipe documentation may be found at dr bob's preblog blog site, okay, it's an online cookbook with mildly amusing food tales about each tested recipe, plus way too many photo illustrations: The "What, ME Cook?" Book]

Disclaimer: ms ani is the executive chef, dr bob is only the sous chef and creative director besides being minister of food propaganda.

If you are only interested in the Italy summer photos (much food), these are all in albums listed here, and below (search on the string "Roman Summer") also marked by the easy to find icon .
Interested in bob's TravelAdvisor restaurant reviews?

dr bob cooking team kitchen experiments / family foods are sometimes marked by the icon .

Also, bob is a big fan of Sandra Boynton, art and music, signaled by the icon . And a movie buff, a few reviews have crept into the mix, together with some music and culture stuff, but now they have their own page: dr bob, movie critic not so much.