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Guide to the Pontine Archepelago by   DivaLuna

discover the peace of the island


Diva Luna  Ponza

San Antonio Beach Ponza
Cell phone: 0338 2347608
Tel: 0771 809906
E-mail: divaluna@libero.it

experience the rush of the wind

Diva Luna Ponza Dinghy Rentals offers you: 
  • Fiberglass body dinghies 
  • Console steering wheel or rudder stick steering
  • Dinghies from 3.5 to 5 meters long
  • Motors from 15 to 40 HP with manual or electric ignition
  • Motorboats and boats from 4 to 5 meters with motors from 25 HP

Reservations accepted by phone or e-mail

Diva Luna Ponza guarantees your safety at sea. The outboard motor powered dinghy is a fast unsinkable mode of transportation. And Diva Luna always has a dinghy ready to reach you within minutes if necessary.
Diva Luna Ponza respects nature: our outboard motors are all two or four stroke low fuel consuming Yamaha motors running on environmentally friendly fuel.
Diva Luna Ponza offers a wide range of prices and rental periods. Our boats can be rented by the hour,   half day or full day.

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