dr bob [jantzen] class of '74 page

I fell into relativity at Princeton (and Italy afterwards)

fell into a black hole?
and I have been behind in my correspondence
ever since
especially after the merger with ms_ani
behind in correspondence

which led to our humorous web cookbook.
Here's a sample -- limoncello cheesecake
(not so funny):

dr bob in a tux (only once!)

limoncello cheesecake hippos eating cheesecake

Come visit us virtually at www.drbobenterprises.com or e-mail us at aniandbob@drbobenterprises.com.
[Yo! We're only 1 hour from Princeton in the western suburbs of Philly -- Jim's Steaks is our cheesestake provider of choice -- Rt 1 south to I-276 west to I-476 south to I-76 west but veer right to the local exit first. Call for details: 610-(we're in the book).]