Anjar oral history time running out!

Soon the last generation that can tell personal details about the founding of Anjar will be gone. Isn't anyone interested from Anjar in preserving your heritage? The only way to do this is to study up a bit what doing an oral history requires and trying it out on your oldest relatives, to then preserve their memories on the web at the Anjar website, or if they are not interested, at a new website, or on Wikipedia, which has almost nothing substantial about Anjar yet.

I am just an Anjar in-law living in Philly USA, but I have been to Anjar 5 times and am connected with my wife's many Anjarian relatives there and in Beirut. Who knows about the Palestian refugee invasion in the 1950s? The hardships of the early years... When people are gone, so too are their memories!

-- bob jantzen, husband of Ani Sarkahian