Villanova University Teaching Talk discussion list

originally sponsored by VITAL, archives access is restricted to VU faculty and staff by password protection.

This is a news group set up by one of our EE faculty members last century:
This is the list description and how to join:
You can view the entire archive of past emails exchanged on the list at this site (password protected).

Typically, this forum hosts exchanges of educational related e-materials which generate feedback and discussion on an irregular basis. This is the only venue available to VU faculty and staff to share or discuss education related issues, or alert the community to some event of interest nearby.

Information about this list used to appear in the Faculty or Staff tab inside My Nova, but with the current "try to find what you want by searching for it", you have to know what to look for in order to find it. A search in My Nova on "teaching-talk" turns up no hits now.

I try to look after this email list since I myself want to be able to share events or online articles with others like myself in our community, and I think it serves a useful role for our staff and faculty.