Maple easy to upgrade to [2/2] full credit

When I was in high school taking Drivers Ed (yes, they had already invented cars), the teacher said we could take the weekly standardized quizzes as many times as we wanted because the goal was to learn the content, not get a grade. [I believe this also applies to most state driver's license tests.] This is my policy with the Maple assignments. You can continue to improve until you get full credit [2/2], as long as you are reasonable about not wasting my time, which means if you continue not to understand a problem via our email worksheet exchange, you must come in physically to my office to correct it and then promise to explain to all partners.

I cannot force you to appreciate the power of a tool like Maple for helping extend your power over mathematics in this Calc/DE/LinAlg sequence of courses, but I can expose you to it, hinting at how it can help you. Some will get it, others won't. Such is life.