bob jantzen: teaching schedule 19S [better grid]

MWF/Th M T W Th F Rm
10:30-11:20 M2500-01   M2500-01 M2500-01 M2500-01 JB211/Men258
11:30-1:20 OFFICE   OFFICE M2500-04 OFFICE SAC370/Tol310C
12:30-1:20 M2500-04   M2500-04 OFFICE M2500-04 MenG92/Men258
  AHOffice   AHOffice     SAC370

Office hours are determined by considering every student schedule. Unfortunately with the complexity of the time slot grid, it is not possible that almost every student can make some part of these time slots.

If you are one of the students who cannot make these office hours, you may make special appointments by asking bob after class. Drop-ins are welcome any time, but call (9-7335, or bob cell given in class) to make sure the doctor is in. Let me know in class to expect you if you can.
[I will be exercising in the Davis Center regularly.]

What time is it now? [in Italy?]

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[Mendel G86, G87, G88, G90, G92, 115, 154, 213 256, 258; JB202AJB208, JB211] 19S

6-jan-2019: robert.jantzen