quiz, test transmission through BlackBoard

In the online course delivery format, quizzes and (possibly some tests?) will be administered through BlackBoard download and upload of PDF files.

Students download PDF files for quizzes and tests, do their work on 8.5x11 inch sheets of paper of their choice, and then use the free mobile phone app Adobe Scan to create a single PDF file of their work to upload with the filename: lastname-firstname-quizX.pdf or lastname-firstname-testX.pdf, where X is the number 1,2,3,4,... of the quiz or test (about 9 quizzes, 4 tests).

Adobe Scan (review) automatically frames an 8.5x11 inch sheet (placed on a darker background) and automatically snaps a photo scan of that sheet, correcting the image for viewing angle to become rectangular, and easily allowing multiple sheet scans in the same file. It also allows for manual intervention to select the edges of the document if necessary or to redo a page scan. This is very user friendly and produces optimum results. [Other apps are acceptable ONLY IF they deliver the same clean quality scans as Adobe Scan.]

Hand work should be done with a black pen for better scanning, or at least a dark pencil and not too tiny sized writing. Light pencil work and small print is difficult for bob to read. It is much better to use pen and if you decide to change your work, simply cross it out clearly, and continue. Sometimes students erase correct work, leaving no record behind. Erasing is dangerous because it removes some of your thinking process from the calculation.

Graded PDF documents will then be available for the student to examine, exactly as though receiving a physical paper quiz or test back.

See this page for more info about Adobe Scan.

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