Updating Maple Worksheets

The original Maple Release 5 Classic Maple .mws worksheets accompanying the book Discovering Mathematics with Maple by by R.J. Stroeker and J.F. Kaashoek by have been updated here to Standard Maple 12 .mw worksheets and the linalg package has been updated to the LinearAlgebra package. This web page records the remaining updated commands.

Initial updating to Maple 9 Classic

Quite a few changes have taken place in MAPLE commands since Release 5. The R5 files on the textbook CD require further updating of certain Maple commands (September 2004):

Those on-line here have been updated. By adding the "s" to the .mw file extension of the Standard worksheet URL links on-line here, one obtains these Classic linalg .mws worksheets.

2008 Update to Standard Maple 12 with the LinearAlgebra package

In August 2008 these files were updated to Standard Maple .mw worksheets in Maple 12, with the linalg package replaced by the LinearAlgebra package. A few new additional changes were necessary.

As a first step, all the files were opened in WordPad and the string ".mws" was replaced by ".mw" so that all the hyperlinks would refer to the new file extension.

Next to convert the Classic .mws worksheets to Standard .mw worksheets, the Classic files were opened in Standard Maple and saved to Standard files.

Then through the Format Menu, "styles" selection, select "C 2d input", and hit the "modify" button, then the "Restore to Default" button to get the default 2D input for such worksheets for new input regions, then each group of inputs must be selected and right click, "convert to", "2d math input". Save this.

[Before converting multi-prompt lines of input, the additional prompts have to be deleted first by putting the cursor at the beginning of each additional line of input with a prompt and hitting the BkSp key. Otherwise the conversion process is tripped up. This is true of many multiline procedure definitions in the book.]

Then go through executing the commands line by line seeing the complaints from Maple. A little imagination is required to convert from linalg to LinearAlgebra since a few things do not have corresponding actions in the new package. I tried to make the minimum changes necessary to the text (some things had to be removed because updated Maple commands made them irrelevant) and mark some updated references to the 2d math interface with

[Maple Update: (or initially Update Note) <I will have to make these uniform later>

The additional changes needed were: