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MAT2705 22S Jantzen Required Textbook [online portal]

Edwards, Penny, Calvis:
Differential Equations and Linear Algebra with MyLab Math

MyLab Math is required for access to online homework and web enhanced learning tools.
[Course coordinator: Robert Jantzen]

The due date for all homework is set to May 9, 2022 to allow everyone to submit answers until they get 100 percent credit. For the first set of numbers in the problem you get three tries to enter a correct answer, and then the portal changes the numbers when you ask for a "similar problem" to start again, redoing the new almost same problem. Use the Ask My Instructor tool plus email if necessary to get help on a specfic problem. Send a photo or Maple worksheet by email if your work needs troubleshooting.

Registration instructions

Enter BlackBoard and go to the Content area for information. Click on the left margin navigation link to "MyLab Math portal" and follow these instructions for temporary access for 2 weeks:

ISBN and price info [22S]

Instructor Hints for using MyLab Math with Edwards, Penney, Calvis DEs and LinAlg

Once the course is set up with the help of the local Pearson rep, you can create homework assignments and export the grades to an Excel spreadsheet.

For Instructor management of the homework assignments, grades, etc:

Go first to Instructor Tools at the bottom of the left margin navigation pane.

Then to Assignment Manager to create and manage assignments. Select Create Assignment, Create Homework,
Step 1: type homework assignment name (like 1.2b for the second assignment from section 1.2 if you have mulitple assignments from a single section), then click on
Step 2. Choose Chapter then section from the pulldown menus, then scroll down to see a list of all available exercises for that section. Choose the ones you want (you can even preview them) by check marking your choices, then click on Add. Then scroll down until you see the Next button and click on it.
Next choose a Due Date using the calendar (our choose them all for the last day of the semester to have no deadlines), and a time (like 11:59pm for midnight that day),  Check mark "Allow students to work and change score after due date" (if you wish to allow late submissions), optionally limit number of attempts for each problem, but if there are no limits, after 3 wrong attempts students can get a new variation of the same problem to restart), then check mark "Indicate and lock all correct answers after each Check Answer" (why not?), then click on either Save (and Assign later) or Save and Assign and make visible to students then. It will then appear in the list of assignments for the students.

Once I have taught the class once, I show all semester classes and go to the last semester and one by one as the semester progresses, I edit each assignment, make any changes (rare), then Schedule the assignment for the first semester.

For extracting grades to an excel spreadsheet, go to Instructor Gradebook to Export Data, Advanced, in order to get the student cumulative grade, but you have to select it carefully from many options, and choose Export percentage scores formatted as percents  for numbers between 0 and 100.

BlackBoard integration is really helpful for students. The cumulative homework grade can also be synched with the BlackBoard gradebook. Here are the instructions:


This is the key document:

Customer Support:

Our local Pearson "book rep" and customer support person is very helpful.