MAT1505 [Jantzen] Handout Log

Occasionally handouts will attempt clarification of some point to aid in your learning. A log of these will be kept here, with links to pdf scanned copies of handwritten handouts for your convenience. Most will only be on-line handouts, which makes the term "handouts" a bit questionable. The current list may be updated during the semester.

You are responsible for all asking bob for all paper handouts you missed receiving due to class absences, or you must print these scans to substitute them.

  1. welcome email
  2. class syllabus
  3. rules of algebra; rules of differentiation; diff/int formula shortlist paper handout: [print alg/diff/int on 2 sheets]
  4. differentiation versus integration: notation and associated pictures
  5. plotting a function with parameters [see above item 2]
  6. "u substitution"
  7. 1-D probability distributions
    changing variables in an integral [maple]
  8. regions of the plane: relationships between variables [areas, volumes of revolution].
  9. integral test via diagrams
  10. series summary
  11. parametrized curves
  12. polar coords

later maybe:

  1. taylor series: highway curvature [maple]
  2. Ignore this: Stewart selected examples in MAPLE [optional][guest lectures 14S for areas, arclengths in polar coordinates]

 21-aug-2022 [course homepage]