Grading Policy

bob uses an Excel spreadsheet to calculate grades and posts them on BlackBoard periodically 
(check Blackboard grades here).

Here is a copy of the Excel spreadsheet with the lettergrade cutoffs:

The weekly quizzes are on material for which we have already discussed the homework in class and are graded in half points out of a total of 10 points each. There should be no surprises on quizzes, which are designed to assess a basic understanding of the key ideas following typical homework problems. To avoid stress, these are to be done outside of class over the weekend with no restrictions what materials you consult except that no collaboration is allowed. These must be your own work. These are posted online in BlackBoard and handed out in paper form in class each Friday of normal 4 class day weeks to be turned in Monday during class usually. Email bob if you are not able to meet these deadlines or if you get stuck. These are meant to give you practice in communicating clearly problem solutions in standard math notation.

The few Maple assignments are done together in groups of 2 or 3 or 4 and submitted by email at the end of each of the chapters 5, 6, 7-8, no longer graded but returned with feedback when necessary. This is still to be determined.

The homework will be done through WebAssign (doing the homework is the only way for most students to engage the ideas and understand how they work in practice). The WebAssign homework has a 25% weight---hopefully most of you will probably appreciate the immediate feedback and opportunity to retry a similar problem with slightly different numbers. Problems will be chosen from the textbook end of section exercises, although some of the problems will have randomly changed parameter values in the WebAssign version of a given textbook exercise. Note that the 25% weight in no way reflects the importance of doing homework in this course. Doing the homework regularly is essential to good performance.