1500 04F maple homework [still provisional until assigned in daily homework log]

Homework problems marked by an asterisk * on the homework log page are to be done using MAPLE with a partner (or two partners). Save each chapters' problems in a single worksheet (with all partners' names inside the worksheet at the top with date) as  "MAPLE sections" with a section title labeling the problem (as in 3.1.2 for Stewart chapter 3 section 1 problem 2 or CLM 2.4.1 for the CalcLabs with Maple problems)  on your personal hard drive or network space (each partner keeps a copy for safety) until requested to submit the chapter worksheet the week following chapter completion. You may work individually on any given problem if successful, but must meet, discuss and merge your work with a fixed partner(s) for a given maple worksheet collection of assignments. Try to put in comments that explain what you are doing in your worksheet, rather than just listing a series of maple inputs and outputs.

Here is a template file to get started. Save it (right-click on link and "SAVE AS" choosing type "ALL FILES") and open it up in MAPLE: maple1.mws
Add a new section for the second problem.

If you are able to use MATHCAD to achieve the same goals in a given homework set, you may submit a mathcad worksheet mathcad<...>x.mcd with the same naming conventions. However, there are certain operations MATHCAD is simply not set up to do.

Worksheet submission
will be done as an email attachment where the filename is:
and the subject header
[mat1500] lastname-lastname-lastname-maplex.mws
where the last names of all partners are listed (separated by hyphens) and x stands for the number of the maple assignment as given below.
Include the partners as email recipients using the CC option so that I can REPLYALL with the graded commented worksheet.

Everyone must have a partner (or two) unless agreed upon in advance with bob. [You may change partners on different assignments.]

Consult the command list worksheet for examples when necessary: cmdlist1.mws.

"Upgradable" after the grade [0/2, 0.5/2, 1/2, 1.5/2, 2/2] means you can correct your worksheet based on my comments and resubmit it for a better grade. I will help you in person if you do not understand how to correct any problem. It is easy to do well on this grade input, if not initially, then by getting help from me.

Remember, you may come to my office for consultation on any problem, or request preliminary help via email (attach worksheet) if you are stuck on something.

[MAPLE sections can be inserted empty and later filled, using the INSERT menu, Section selection, then insert a MAPLE prompt |> icon on the top  toolbar, or one can select a region of a worked problem with the mouse and hit the second icon after the maple prompt icon to enclose the region in a section.]

maple1.mws (due the week following completion of chapter 1: M-F 13-17 September):

Helpful MAPLE hints from HW page:

> plot(f(x),x=-10..10);
> plot(f(x),x=-10..10,y=-10..10);
> plot([f(x),g(x)],x=-10..10, color=[red,blue]);
> fsolve(f(x)=g(x),x=0..1); [Always use plot before fsolve to know where to look for solutions.]

> f := x -> x^2-c*x;
> seq(f(x),c=[-2,-1,0,1,2]);
> plot([%], x = -2..2);

maple2.mws (due the week following completion of chapter 2: Oct 18-22):

Helpful MAPLE hints from HW page:

> seq(g(x), x=[1.5,1.1,1.01,1.001]);
to evaluate an expression g(x) for a sequence of multiple inputs (always use decimal point values like 1.0 to force floating point evaluation but if the expression g(x) involves ? you must use evalf to force it to approximate that as well
> evalf(%);

> limit(f(x),x=0);
> limit(f(x),x=0,right);
> Limit(f(x),x=-infinity);
> value(%);

> f : = x-> x^2;
> f(x);
> D(f)(x);
 > plot([f(x),D(f)(x)],x=a..b,color=[red,blue]);
an evaluated MAPLE function is just a MAPLE expression, so you can also use the diff command:
> diff(f(x),x);
> simplify(%);

maple3.mws  (due the week following completion of chapter 3: ):

Helpful MAPLE hints from HW page:

> with (Student[Calculus1]);
> DiffTutor(exp(x)/x);

> with(plots):
> implicitplot(x^2-x*y+y^2=3,x=-10..10,y=-10..10);
> implicitdiff(x^2-x*y+y^2=3,y,x);

> plot([f(x),D(f)(x),(D@@2)(f)(x)],x=a..b,color=[red,blue,green]);
> with(Student[Calculus1]);
> CurveAnalysisTutor(f(x));

maple4.mws due by the end of exam period

Notes for bob: