MAT1500 [Jantzen] Handout Log 04F

Occasionally handouts will attempt clarification of some point to aid in your learning. A log of these will be kept here, with links to .pdf scanned copies of handwritten handouts for your convenience. Their quality as prints from .pdf may not be optimal. An asterisk marks the last handout passed out in class.

You are responsible for all asking bob for all paper handouts you missed receiving due to class absences, or you must print these lower quality scans to substitute them.

  1. student schedule sheet sections 04 06
    [prints ok in IE, needs half inch top/bot margins in Netscape: File, Page Properties]
  2. course class syllabus.
  3. rules of algebra.
  4. understanding function notation, functional relationships.
  5. functions of one independent variable: vocabulary [pages 1,2]
    [Norman window problem 1.1.52].
  6. "the only base you really need: e".
  7. trigonometry and the unit circle; inverse trig functions.
  8. solving a functional relationship between two variables for the input variable.
  9. ratio limits and arithmetic with infinity.
  10. email only: blood flow model problem
  11. functions of one independent variable: vocabulary (explicit/implicit differentiation) [pages 3,4]
  12. translating related rates word problems.
  13. linear versus differential approximation.
  14. icons for signs of f ', f ''.
  15. L'Hopital's Rule and power type indeterminate limits [and algebra].
  16. [exaggerated hand sketch "road map" of the graph of a function].
  17. optimization deconstructed.
  18. course summary [rules of differentiation].
  19.  *
  20. Bonus: reasoning versus technology