Calculus, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
course sequence for science and engineering

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Maple use in MAT1500-1505-2500-2705:
using Maple in Calculus and Differential Equations and Linear Algebra and resources for instructors new to Maple

Each of these courses 1500--2705 have 2 in-class closed book "hour = 55 minute" tests, a third week-long take home open resource test and a closed book in-class 2.5 hour final exam, with about 8 or 9 weekly quizzes during non-test weeks: quiz-test archives [test rules].

Maple example worksheets

See the Maple Hints and examples page first and the VU Maple FAQ for how to access Maple and deal with its idiosyncrasies.

See also:

Here is a tease illustrating a force driven periodic undamped 2 mass 3 spring coupled mass spring system (time line on left), decomposing its displacements into the homogeneous free motion component (blue), the response component (green), and the total motion (red) (displacement plane on right):

Here is a multivariable calculus tease: a point traces out uniformly a circle in a vertical plane which is itself rotating about the vertical axis. This is a toy model of the GP-B satellite experiment to test Einstein's test of general relativity. [For explanation, see this web page.]