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Armenian Student Organization (ASO)

noe time advisor: bob jantzen homepage
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last president bob knew of: Ani Javardian (graduated 2020)

The present Armenian Students Association (ASO) was reborn in 2014 (20174reawakening) as the Armenian Students Association (ASA) by Meline Derderian and Lena Christianian but Meline graduated in 2017, and Lena in 2018, passing on the torch to the current president Ani Javardian in Fall 2018 with the renaming to ASO. Then Ani graduated. The current group decided to follow a different path.


During a 7 year period (2002-2009) a small nucleus of members of the Villanova Armenian Student Club (AYO = "yes" in Armenian = Armenian Youth Organization) contributed to the campus life with 2 holocaust speaking events, 4 Armenian food festivals, one in conjunction with one of several Armenian dance events held with other campus dance groups, and one Armenian dance workshop graced by an appearance by Father Peter. Besides the fond memories that outlasted the club, two consecutive presidents married and have three children who will remain as living proof of Villanova's gift back to them in return for their contributions to our community life.

Armenian Youth Organization 2002-2009

Welcome to the no longer active Villanova University Armenian Youth Organization (AYO)

Here, you can find out about exciting AYO events in the past, browse through our photo gallery, learn more about the AYO* executives who served, sign up for membership, and access valuable links. [outdated: We value your input and support and look forward to seeing you at our next event!]

* "ayo" means "yes" in Armenian!