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My office is Mendel 292-F, at Villanova.
Telephone: (610) 519-5416
E-mail: joseph.f.johnson at-0symbol yaknow villanova.edu


There is a small collection of family pictures;

Here will be some.
I have published on the problem in the axiomatics of Quantum Mechanics which Wigner called Quantum Duality, although it is now more usually called Quantum Measurement. abstract.

Selected Publications

Problems of Quantum Measurement (.pdf file)

an abstract

Logical Structure of Physical Probability Assertions


I am currently visiting the University of New Hampshire and teaching there. I will be visiting the University of Notre Dame over the summer. At Villanova, I am on the research faculty.


an index of recent relevant papers on Quantum Information Theory maintained by the research group in Italy.
The homepage of the distinguished mathematician, and former chair of the M.I.T. math dept., David Vogan.

An interesting to-do list of an expert in quantum statistics

A very modest proposal relevant to Quantum Measurement formalisms of a very general nature.

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