Antenna Research
Villanova University


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  • Director: Prof. Ahmad Hoorfar

Measurement Facility

The state-of-the-art Antenna Research Laboratory (ARL) of Villanova University, with its indoor facility that includes a 29’ x 27’ x 28’ anechoic chamber (compact range), is capable of fully automated high quality pattern and gain measurements from 2 to 40 GHz. It is equipped with:
The ARL is also linked to the microwave laboratory in the ECE department, which is well equipped for impedance and S-parameter measurements.

Plans are underway to extend the frequency range of the compact range to 75GHz over the next 12 months. In addition Villanova has teamed with Naval Sea Systems Command, NAVSEA-Philadelphia, to extend the capabilities of ARL to include accurate radar cross-section (RCS) measurements. This Academia/Government relationship allows Villanova’s ARL to offer extensive facilities and expertise to Government and Industry for the development, integration, evaluation and testing of RCS and antenna components and systems. 

Computational Facility

Computer facilities available for research in the antenna research laboratory include a network of several UNIX and Xenon workstations including one 8-processor server with 32 GB of RAM and four 4-processor units with memory ranging from with 4 to 8 GB.  In addition, this laboratory is networked through a T3 line to the ECE department’s network of more than 60 Sun research workstations as well as to the college of engineering network of about 150 XP workstations. The access to this vast network of workstations could allow the parallelization of the electromagnetic computational algorithms for fast optimization of antenna and microwave structures.

The available computational software packages in the antenna laboratory include various commercial electromagnetic simulators and antenna CAD tools as well as numerical codes developed in-house at the ARL. In particular, the electromagnetic simulation codes available for research include:

Post-Doctoral Fellows  (2005-2006)

Graduate Students (2005-2006)

Affiliated Antenna Engineers


Some members of ARL Research Team in Fall 2005